The 12-th European month of photography is open!

The edition of the festival has an open theme.

As usual, we at APB, the parents of the Month, are preparing several important events in the program, but we look forward to seeing all of your photographic projects applied by April, 18. In order to offer rich and strong content, we will appreciate the best and they will be included in the official program. So make out, develop your ideas and concepts and we expect you to create the Month together so that we can awake lasting emotions, provoke important questions and give valuable memories to all viewers. Things that the Art of Light undoubtedly knows!

We look forward to your ideas, to make together the twelfth edition. It is again be labeled „A Remarkable Festival,“ which is the highest rating of the European Festival Association.


General Terms:

  • Deadline for the submission of projects: 18 April.
    Jury date – we will announce later.
  • Only accomplished projects will be accepted.
  • Generally, the Month of Photography does not fund printing and preparations of the exhibits. We provide location, audience, distribution, poster and invitation, coverage at the official site and further contacts in Bulgaria and abroad. We could support through funding certain quite distinguishing projects, so – do send us your project! If it turns out to be that strong, we will do our best to implement it together.
  • The selection of projects for events and locations, submitted for consideration for the 12th edition, will be announced later. All who have submitted official application through the online form at the site will be personally informed of the results in due time by the e-mail, through which the application had been registered. We accept proposals on any type of photographic events: exhibitions, lectures, discussions, workshops and any other, sent by you.
  • The author/s of approved project/s, accepted for participation in the official programme of the 12th edition, shall sign a Declaration of Agreement to participate in the European Month of Photography 2021, through which the participant/s assume the obligation to use the approved templates for posters and invitations of the National Academy of Photography, as well as to explicitly announce in all their media coverage that the exhibit/event is part of the European Month of Photography organized by the National Academy of Photography “Yanka Kyurkchieva”. The National Academy of Photography “Yanka Kyurkchieva” is a non-profit association and the European Month of Photography is not a trademark, registered for commercial purposes. Thus, in the sense of the commercial interpretations of the media, references to it shall not be removed from publications and broadcasts on the basis of restrictions in mentioning commercial trademarks.

To apply, you have to send us full information on the project by filling in the form at this address:
(event form)

If you avail of a suitable location in Sofia, you can propose it for participation in the Month of Photography. In case the location is approved, you will be provided audience and one event in June. To apply for location, please fill in the form at this address:
(location form)