Over the past ten years, we have witnessed major changes in photography and namely, the transition from material to non-material photography – the metamorphosis of an object-image into purely digital information.

It was in the 1930s, when the Hungarian MOHOLY-NAGY, László wrote: “The illiterate of the future will be the person ignorant of the use of the camera as well as the pen”. His compatriot Attila Lorant invites the audience to a discussion whose topic will cover the over-proliferation of the photographic image and the liberalization of the photographic process. He will be a guest of the Month of Photography at the invitation of the Hungarian Institute.

It was again in the thirties of the last century, when the negatives of Georgi St. Georgiev were shot. They will be presented by the Academy of Photography from its archive, displaying the exhibition „Nude Art” at Synthesis Gallery. With this event, we further promote the tradition of introducing to the audience the work of important for Bulgarian photography names.

Another accent in this direction will be the presentation of Todor Slavchev’s photo archive at Andrey Nikolov’s House Museum to the National Gallery of Art. The images are provided by the heirs of the author, which is also a sign of the important mission of the next generation in the preservation and promotion of photographic archives.

This mission will be further enhanced by the outstanding Bulgarian journalist Georgi Papakochev, who will introduce the book/album „The Memory of Light“ by his father Petar Papakochev at the Museum of History of Sofia.

“Things that Last” is the title of the project of the Polish master of documentary photography Tomasz Tomaszewski, who will contribute to the Month at the invitation of the Polish Institute with an exhibition and a master class.

The Cervantes Institute and Photosyntesis will organize a workshop with the Spanish lecturer and contemporary artist Ricardo Cases. Within three days, he will work with a group of photographers to create FOTOZITIES, as he calls them. The goal of the training is to make it easier for the photographer to edit photographic series and prepare them for publication in a printed edition.

The Programme of the Festival will also feature the Melos photo book by the French photographer Guillaume Lebrun who will arrive at the invitation of the French Institute to present the exhibition of the same name at Synthesis Gallery.

Traditionally, many young authors will be in the focus of the Month of Photography. „The Last (Eternal) Mime Artist“ by Hristo Rusev follows the life on and off stage of Gerasim Dishliev – one of Marcel Marso’s closest people and pedagogic assistant. In his project „The Unknown North“, Ivaylo Donchev is immersed in the daily life of the North Sea fishermen from morning coffee to a midnight storm.

As a matter of course, the Program will also include exhibitions of the students from the National Academy of Arts and the New Bulgarian University with curators Ivan Kyuranov, Lilyana Karadzhova and Lyudmil Hristov.

Part of the Festival is also dedicated to the youngest, upcoming photographers. The contest for students and the exhibitions of Dea Atanasova and Boyan Krivoshiev will be presented at the National Palace of Culture, the Photo Journalist Club and „+ TOVA“ Gallery.

We cordially thank all our partners, authors, curators, journalists and the audience of the festival!

You all make it possible to enjoy the 2019 Month of Photography.

For more information, please contact Ms. Nadezhda Pavlova, Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Photography Academy and events manager at:
Mobile phone 0888 392389, nadezhda_pavlova@hotmail.comwww.monthofphotography.net