Academy of Photography presents seventh edition of

      Dear Friends,
This year’s edition of the largest-scale photography festival – THE MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a fact for the next time on end! It is our greatest pleasure to present to you the selection album of 2016 events. The traditional for us financial support of Unicredit Bulbank as the “Official Bank” of the Month of Photography allows us to make the event highly popular in Bulgaria and promote it as an even more recognizable worldwide challenge which is further evidenced by the considerable foreign participation.

The luxurious edition you are holding in your hands actually is an exceptional double book – on the upper side you see hosted 24 photo exhibitions and photo events while, if you turn it the other way round, you can enjoy the National Photo Academica 2016 display. During the Month of Photography, the spectators will be able to get a glimpse of all events, once again thanks to the various locations and the support of several international cultural institutes, traditional and new partners widely representing The Month.

All central events are overarched by the CONTACT theme.

This year we will celebrate the official opening on the 2nd of June. And the National Palace of Culture is, not surprisingly, our kind host. We, the strivers for Bulgarian Art of Photography, will be honoured to award the Academica Statuette to the winner of the highest national prize in recognition of their contribution to the Bulgarian Photography.

The seventeenth on end annual Academica Photo Review has focused the efforts of the participants on the Bulgarian Photography 2001-2016 achievements. The Ceremony in the National Palace of Culture will recognize the works of the best photographers for the past 15 years.

We would like to kindly thank all our logistic, media and sponsoring partners supporting the initiatives of the Academy of Photography through the years. And a wholeheartedly “Thank You” to all of you, Artists, Lovers and Friends of Photography!

Yavor Popov Fine Art Photographer
Chairman of the Managing Board of APB “Yanka Kyurkchieva”