Highlights in the 9th edition

For the 9th successive year, the team of the Academy of Photography organizes and presents the Programme of the Month of Photography. The theme of the 9th edition is STRENGTH. It’s all about the strength of photography to conquer our minds and to motivate action, to take our breath away, to inspire. The strength of old photos to keep memories for us and to save us from the rapid amnesia that has overpowered our times. It’s about the strength of the young authors to rebel and change mindsets and destinies. About the strength of a generation to dissolve into another and to learn from each other. About the strength of partnership which overcomes all obstacles. About the strength of friendship which forgives all faults.

Strength is the energy to work. And we, at the Academy of Photography, never stop our work in support of the Bulgarian photographic community.

Our idea to display originals of Old Bulgarian Masters every year in June is turning into tradition. One of the accents of the Festival will be the exhibition “A Tale of Nessebar” of Architect Nikolay Popov. Over seventy brilliant gelatin silver “miniatures”, shot in 1957, copied by the author himself and generously provided by his descendants, will be displayed at the SYNTHESIS Gallery.

“A Light Inside”, a powerful documentary project of Danielle Villasana, a finalist in the contest programme Fotoevidence Book Award and World Press Photo will be exhibited at the Red House Center for Culture and Debate. We extend our gratitude to Svetlana Bahchevanova and the established by her platform – Fotoevidence, for the long-year partnership and the opportunities to present to the Bulgarian audience authors documenting social injustice, violation of human rights and the aspiration at justice.

By invitation of the Hungarian Cultural Institute, Sofia will see the works of György Konkoly-Thege, author of the extensive Sziget project devoted to the famous music festival. The images will be exhibited at the Gallery of the Hungarian Institute.

After June 11, the halls of the Red House Center for Culture and Debate will be dominated by young Bulgarian authors.
For the 8th year on end we will present a group exhibition of the students of the New Bulgarian University Photography Master’s Programme. This curator’s project of Kalina Brailsford entitled “Interaction” will display selected students’ contemporary photography series accomplished in the course of one academic year.

The Photographic Original and Artistic Practices is the title of the exhibition of authors from the National Academy of Art who will suggest an unorthodox approach to the noble and alternative processes. Concepts of the exhibition will be discussed at the public lecture of Dr. Lilyana Karadzhova, curator of the exhibition, who will approach the theme of Photography between the Window and the Tunnel: from the Ontological Model of the Object to the Psychological Theories of Perception.

The agenda of the Festival also reflects the efforts of the youngest budding photographers. The Academy of Photography will host the 39th International FIAP YOUTH DIGITAL BIENNIAL 2018 which will be presented at the National Palace of Culture.

We would like to most cordially thank all our partners, authors, curators, journalists and the audience of the Festival! Because it is you who make the Month of Photography 2018 come true!

Nadezhda Pavlova
member of the Managing Board of “Yanka Kyurkchieva” APB
and Leading coordinator of the Month of Photography