More about the Month of Photography

More about the Month of Photography

The Month of Photography is one of the momentous events on the photography agenda of Bulgaria. Each passing year enriches its content. We involve more and more new partners. The event attracts followers and is becoming a tradition, and that’s the most important to us. The galleries with which we work routinely book the dates in June to host the Month of Photography in their exhibition space.

The programme of the previous edition featured over 40 exhibits and accompanying events as discussions, multimedia presentations, master classes, meetings with authors, etc.

We keep the tradition to join efforts with the Cultural Institutes of Italy, Poland and Hungary which will again support us in 2014.

Our joint activities do not limit to events referring to the Month of Photography only but advance throughout the year. Evidence of our partnership is the exhibition of works by Robert Capa opened in November in the National Art Gallery.

Within the last Month of Photography, the Polish Institute featured the exhibition of the world-renown photographer Mr. Tomasz Gudzowaty, an eight-time winner of the World Press Photo Contest. The Bulgarian audience was given the exclusive chance to visit his exhibition thanks to the efforts of Ms. Agnieszka Kościuszko, Director of the Polish Institute.

Our partnership with Ms. Anna Amendolagine and the team of the Italian Cultural Institute presented to the public the exhibition of the Italian photographer, master of architecture photography maestro Franco Franceschi and a master class was organized in the space of Photosynthesis – our long-time partner, supporting the events organized by the National Academy of Photography.

Numerous foreign authors from Singapore, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, France, Spain, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, the USA and China joined the event; almost all of them had selected the event on their own initiative due to the recognition of the name the Month of Photography has succeeded to build.

With regard to the Bulgarian participation, we are honoured and proud to present all generations of Bulgarian photographers.

The Salon featured exhibitions of the doyens Petar Papakochev with the generous support of his son Georgi Papakochev, of Petar Bozhkov, Nikola Stoichkov and Nedko Nedev.

Exhibits of acknowledged Bulgarian authors were another distinctive feature of the event. Svetlana Bahchevanova’s two exhibitions enjoyed great interest. One of them – her curator project “FotoEvidence”, was displayed at Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art (Project SAMCA) and only in the Night of Museums had been viewed by over 4000 spectators; her author’s project – “Veterans” – was shown in the Red House.

The event was also joined by students of the National Academy of Art Master’s Program in Photography and the New Bulgarian University’s Bachelor’s Program.

For third year in a row “Pesha NIkolova” Hall at the Red House for Culture and Debate Sofia presented the Contemporary Conceptual Photography (CCP) exhibition of the New Bulgarian University students entitled “Poetry Inspiration” curated by Asst.Prof. Sylvia Ivanova. The Red House team gladly welcomes the successful annual exposition of the students encouraged by the huge interest and large attendance. This show had also enjoyed the most extensive media coverage.

In the course of its four editions, the Salon “Moth of Photography Sofia” has become a powerful incentive for the work of the Bulgarian authors. The opportunity to have their exhibitions or installations displayed, find coverage in the press and reach a wider audience has been central to our efforts.Judging by the popularity and respect our organization has won in the recent years, the great interest of the international photographers’ community, the support of our partners and the personal reward of a job well done, we believe that we are on the right track.

In 2014, we are getting ready for the 5th edition of the Month of Photography. The history and success of the event suggest that it avails of the potential to become one of the key cultural events in Sofia attracting authors and audiences of all ages and continents.

We warmly welcome you to join us :) , but in the next year because for this year we finished adoption applications!

To apply, you have to send full information on the project by filling in the Form at this address.

If you avail of an appropriate location no matter where in Bulgaria it is, you can propose it for entry in the Month of Photography and, in case it is approved, you will be ensured audience and a meaningful event in June. To apply for location, you can fill in the Form at this address.